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Screenwriter Gary Whitta Writing An Episode Of Star Wars Rebels

Gary Whitta who worked for a year on the first draft of Star Wars: Rogue One may have left that project but he hasn’t left the galaxy far, far away. Whitta revealed today that he is writing an episode of Star Wars Rebels. He also changed his Twitter header image to Rebels concept art. Writing an episode of @StarWars Rebels… Read more →


Possible Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Concept Art: Takobo City

Star Wars artist Chris Voy who has worked on both Star War: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels has a rather interesting piece of artwork on his website portfolio. Along with a pair of shots of Capital City on Lothal, Voy has a piece entitled, “Rebels Takobo City Designs” which features three renditions of a circular city on what… Read more →


Rogue Intel: Star Wars: Rogue One: From Conception To Production

Since the moment of Lucasfilm’s purchase by Disney was announced on October 30, 2012 we have known that we would be getting new Star Wars films. Not long after we learned that this would include both the main “Saga” films which tell the story of the Skywalker family but we also got news that we would see what has been alternatively… Read more →


Heart of the Rebellion – Fan Art of the Day

I think it’s safe to say that Ahsoka is definitely a favorite character of mine. So whenever I stumble across a new piece of fan art, I can’t help but want to write about it. More and more have started to surface ever since the Star Wars Rebels finale, which makes me so happy! This time, I actually found an… Read more →


Ahsoka Tano, Rebel Leader – Fan Art of the Day

Everyone’s favorite padawan, and now rebel leader, Ahsoka Tano is back and better than ever. After the dramatic and life altering effects that happened during the tail end of season 5 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Ahsoka has become such a classic character in the Star Wars universe. I remember when The Clone Wars premiered and people despised her.… Read more →

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Podcast: Clones and Rogues! Season Two Speculation

Welcome back to Rebels Report! Pete and Andy have returned from Star Wars Celebration Anaheim and have lots to discuss! Some topics include: Our personal experiences at Star Wars Celebration. Rogue One and its possible connections to Star Wars Rebels. Which characters could make an appearance? Discuss on a possible end of Star Wars Rebels and the overarching Story Group plan.… Read more →

Topps interview

Neil Kleid: Star Wars: Card Trader Topps SWCA Interview

We hate to admit it but we at Rebels Report are addicted to the Star Wars Card Trader app on iOS and Android. At Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, Pete Morrison sat with Neil Kleid the Digital Designer for Topps Card Company and discussed the app, Topps at Celebration, favourite moments of Rebels, hints at what’s to come with the Card Trader app… Read more →


Star Wars Rebels Season 1: Now Streaming Free Via StarWars.com

Star Wars fans who are not subscribers to Disney XD now have access to Star Wars Rebels season one for free on StarWars.com. It appears there are currently a few episodes missing. Below you will find embedded the available episodes. S1.E01: Droids in Distress Droids in Distress – Star Wars Rebels Full Episode on Disney Video S1.E02: Fighter Flight  … Read more →