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Frank Oz as Yoda in Star Wars Rebels Reactions

In this episode, we discuss how Yoda in Star Wars Rebels could work. Frank Oz has been announced to return as the voice of Yoda in Episode 8 “Path of the Jedi” as a disembodied voice and Pete and Andy share their thoughts on the return of Yoda in Star Wars Rebels. This is the trial run for Holonet News where… Read more →

Gathering Forces

Podcast Review: Season 1 Episode 7: Gathering Forces

Welcome to our podcast review where we are bringin’ sideburns back and this time Pete and Andy are reviewing the mid-season finale, Episode 7: Gathering Forces featuring Ezra and Kanan fleeing from the clutches of the Inquisitor. Some topics include: Tracking beacons and their role in galactic history. Delve into the imperials and the return of Sideburns. Kanan’s teaching style as a Jedi Knight.… Read more →

Empire Day

Podcast Review: Season 1 Episode 6: Empire Day

We are back from the Spice Mines of Kessel and this time Pete and Andy are reviewing Season 1 Episode 6: Empire Day featuring our rebel heroes disrupting Empire Day celebrations. Some topics include: The unique Force abilities of Ezra and speculate on the Inquisitor’s force abilities. Speculate about how the Crumb Bomber gunship crashed on Lothal. The significance of Empire Day… Read more →


Seven Items on Every Cosplayer’s Holiday Wish List

It’s that time of year again- the traditional exchange of gifts and spending time with loved ones, including cosplayers. But along with the joy and fun of visiting and gift-giving comes the stress of finding that perfect gift for someone you love. Cosplay is an interesting hobby, and for many non-costumers it can be difficult and even confusing trying to… Read more →

Star Wars Rebels Season 2 to Premiere at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim

  Fans attending Star Wars Celebration Anaheim from April 16-19th 2015 are in for a special treat as they will be the first audience anywhere in the world to see the premiere of season two of Star Wars Rebels. They will be showing the 2-part season finale of Star Wars Rebels season one followed by the premiere episode of season… Read more →


New Rebels Episode Titles: Is Sabacc coming to Star Wars Rebels?

Star Wars Insider #154 reveals the title and credits for the next two episodes of Star Wars Rebels which will begin airing on January 5, 2015. It was previously announced that the eighth episode of season one would be called, “Path of the Jedi.” Insider reveals that the episode was written by Charles Murray and directed by Dave Filoni. The ninth… Read more →


Rumor: Star Wars Rebels to only air for 3 or 4 seasons

  The entertainment site Slash Film has a report that Disney is planning to only air Star Wars Rebels for 3-4 seasons and then replace it with a new animated series set during the Sequel Trilogy timeline. Rumor has it that Disney and Lucasfilm are planning to do “about” three or four seasons of Star Wars Rebels before starting a… Read more →


Paul’s Rebels Review: Gathering Forces (Spoilers)

Gathering Forces Directed by: Steward lee Written by: Greg Weisman When we last saw our heroes they had just managed to escape Capital City and Agent Kallus, but were being pursued by the Inquisitor and several TIE fighters.  Things did not look good for our heroes. This episode picks up immediately following as we see the Ghost leave Lothal’s atmosphere and try… Read more →