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Star Wars Reads Day III: To Feature Star Wars Rebels

Disney Publishing Worldwide has issued the following press release on the third annual Star Wars Reads Day and the inclusion of Star Wars Rebels in the event. Stay tuned for more details on locations and appearances for the event. From the youngest Stormtrooper to the wisest Jedi, this October 11th, artists, authors, educators, librarians, book retailers, and readers will join… Read more →


Paul’s Rebels Review: A Spark of Rebellion (Spoilers)

A Spark of Rebellion Directed by: Steward Lee Written by: Simon Kinberg Star Wars Rebels, the latest chapter in the Star Wars saga, has finally arrived with the extended premiere episode “A Spark of Rebellion.”  After a year of teases and trailers we finally meet our new heroes. Rebels begins in classic Star Wars fashion, no opening credits or introductions, just a… Read more →


Simon Kinberg interview in Empire Magazine issue #305

Star Wars Rebels writer and executive producer Simon Kinberg sat down with Empire Magazine and discussed the new series. The show is set half a decade before A New Hope, meaning Kinberg “always felt it would lead into IV and potentially set up characters you might not meet until V, or VI, or even VII, but the notion was that… Read more →

Dubstep Producer Flux Pavilion Commissioned to Remix Rebels Theme

Dubstep artist Flux Pavilion has been commissioned by Disney and Lucasfilm to remix the Star Wars Rebels Theme. Joshua Kierkegaard G. Steele, better known by his stage name Flux Pavilion, is an English dubstep producer and DJ who has been performing since 2008. Check out his popular “I Can’t Stop” mix, one of my personal favourite dubstep tracks. Lucasfilm and Disney have… Read more →

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Leaping in to Star Wars Fandom and Cosplay

Expression of fandom varies from person to person. Wearing apparel, drawing fanart, and writing fanfiction are a few ways of showing one’s passion for a fandom. For me, expression of fandom typically falls into the cosplay category. For those that don’t know, cosplay (costume play) is when an individual dresses as a character from a movie, television series, video game,… Read more →


Disney Consumer Product Officially Launches Star Wars Rebels Merchandise Line

The first major push by Disney in Star Wars branded consumer products is taking place with Rebels themed merchandise. While some stuff has already reached market more will be hitting this fall. Here is Disney Consumer Products official press release announcing and highlighting some of the products that you will find in stores and on-line. Disney Consumer Products Extends Epic… Read more →


Rebels Review: Star Wars Rebels Shorts: Episodes 101A-D

Around this time last year, we heard a whole lot of mismatched and misinformed rumors about Star Wars Rebels; there would be short films leading up to the release of a feature-length film, there would be short films leading up to an episode that compiled all of those short films. It was basically an exhausting mess, and we all just… Read more →