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Filming Has Begun on Star Wars: Rogue One At PineWood Studios London

Our good friends at MakingStarWars.net are reporting that filming has begun for Star Wars: Rogue One at Pinewood Studios in London. Per their report: We have spoken to our friends and heard a few details. Felicity Jones has filmed her first scene already. It shouldn’t be a huge reveal that loads of trees are being brought into the studio again.… Read more →


Ahsoka and Rex Reunited – Fan Art of the Day

First off, what did you all think of the season 2 premiere of Star Wars Rebels?! Let me know in the comments, so we can discuss because feelings were felt and I know some of you guys probably have some wicked theories about that ending. But now that I have that out of that way, I will say that there… Read more →


From The Ashes Of Phoenix Squadron An Alliance Is Born

It seems rather obvious that it is more than coincidence that the name given to Commander Sato’s rebel cell is “Phoenix.” In the premiere episode of Star Wars Rebels Season Two we are introduced to the A-Wing fighters of Phoenix squadron under Sato’s leadership. Unfortunately for the pilots of Phoenix squadron their screen time is limited by the appearance and… Read more →


Star Wars: The Force Awakens Easter Egg in Siege Of Lothal!

I was desperately waiting for Siege Of Lothal for a long time.. A long dang time.. BUT something that I have been waiting even longer for is Star Wars: The Force Awakens and there was a little Easter Egg in the Star Wars: Rebels season 2 premiere! Thank you to starwarsunderworld.com for this awesome picture!  I love cool little Easter eggs like… Read more →


Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Speculation: What is Safe Haven? (SPOILERS)

In the season two premiere of Star Wars Rebels we see Darth Vader dismantle Phoenix Squadron. The few surviving members of that rebel force flee under the leadership of Commander Sato. The way that Hera delivers the line, “Copy that Commander, we will meet you at Safe Haven,” makes it pretty evident that “Safe Haven” is a code name for… Read more →


Paul’s Rebels Review: Siege of Lothal (Spoilers)

Siege of Lothal Directed by: Bosco Ng & Brad Rau Written by: Henry Gilroy Siege of Lothal is the hour long start to Rebels season 2.  This was the episode shown to attendees of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.  The episode has now officially premiered for all to see on Disney XD. This is slightly difficult for me since I’ve already reviewed the… Read more →

The Siege of Lothal

Podcast Review: Season 2 Premiere: The Siege of Lothal

Welcome to our Star Wars Rebels review podcast and this time Pete and Andy are joined by special guest Mos Eisley Comics Port host Catrina to discuss the incredible Season 2 premiere of Star Wars Rebels, “The Siege of Lothal”! Some topics include: How long our rebels have been fighting with Phenoix Squadron and Commander Sato Discuss Maketh Tua’s true… Read more →

Ben Mendelsohn

Ben Mendelsohn Talks Star Wars Rogue One: Waiting For The Phone Call

Deadline’s Antonia Blyth sat down for an interview with actor Ben Mendelsohn which focused on his recent role as Danny Rayburn in Netflix’s series, Bloodline. The final question of the interview touched on Mendelsohn’s involvement in the first Star Wars Anthology film, Rogue One. What’s the latest on the Star Wars: Rogue One situation? Are you doing it? Well… I… Read more →