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Fulcrum Revealed – Fan Art of the Day

Star Wars Rebels season two is only a few months away from premiere. I’m so excited to see where this next season will go, but until then, lets browse some more fan art, shall we? I was browsing for more Ahsoka Tano fan art, like you do, when I came across this beautiful piece on The Wookie Gunner. It’s by… Read more →


Rogue One Rumor: Actor Jonathan Aris Cast

The BBC’s Lizo Mzimba reports that Jonathan Aris has joined the cast of Star Wars: Rogue One as a character named Senator Jebel. This report is based on Aris’ casting is based off the actors Spotlight.com page. Aris may be best known to general audiences from his recurring role on the BBC series Sherlock as Dr. Anderson or his appearance… Read more →

A First Look At a Rogue One Set?

New photos have come online today, just 10 days before Rogue One starts principle photography, showing set builds in historic Shed 2 in Cardington, Bedfordshire, England. This shed has long been used as a soundstage for film and television, including Star Wars: A New Hope. The photos seem to show a familiar Rebel Base; one very similar to the old… Read more →


SDCC First Look at the Ahsoka Tano and Kanan Jarrus Black Series Figures

  During San Diego Comic Con, Hasbro released a new figure each day. No one knew which figures would be released, all we knew is that they’d be proudly displayed in the Star Wars pavilion. Turns out it would two very nice, Star Wars Rebels, announcements! The first (or second, not sure which order they were revealed) was the finished… Read more →


Rebels Season 2 Female Inquisitor Unmasked

Our friend on Twitter Laurent (@link224) shared with us earlier today an image from Star Wars Rebels Magazine issue 7 which has a spread featuring characters from the second season of the series. While a full image of the magazine spread has not yet surfaced we do have a close up look at both Inquisitors for season two including the… Read more →


Danny Yen Rumored To Be Cast In Episode VII And/Or Rogue One

Multiple sites (like /Film and Metro UK and NBC News) are claiming Hong Kong action star Donnie Yen has been cast in Star Wars: Episode VIII and/or Star Wars: Rogue One, possibly as a Jedi. This is just a rumor for now, nothing has been officially confirmed by Disney. IGN seems to be the most reputable site claiming that Yen may be… Read more →


Filming Has Begun on Star Wars: Rogue One At PineWood Studios London

Our good friends at MakingStarWars.net are reporting that filming has begun for Star Wars: Rogue One at Pinewood Studios in London. Per their report: We have spoken to our friends and heard a few details. Felicity Jones has filmed her first scene already. It shouldn’t be a huge reveal that loads of trees are being brought into the studio again.… Read more →


Ahsoka and Rex Reunited – Fan Art of the Day

First off, what did you all think of the season 2 premiere of Star Wars Rebels?! Let me know in the comments, so we can discuss because feelings were felt and I know some of you guys probably have some wicked theories about that ending. But now that I have that out of that way, I will say that there… Read more →