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Rebels Reflections #8: Idiot’s Array: Space Bacon

Episode Micro-Review: Episode Number: Season 1, Episode 9 (Production #112) Episode Title: Idiot’s Array Writer: Kevin Hopps Directors: Steward Lee The fellas aboard the Ghost get played by Lando Calrissian in more ways than one, hi-jinks ensue and did I mention the puffer pig. Aside from the heavily edited bit after Hera gave Lando what he deserved I think Billy… Read more →


Paul’s Rebels Review: Idiot’s Array

Idiot’s Array Directed by: Steward Lee Written by: Kevin Hopps Life has quieted down for the crew of the Ghost.  Unfortunately, this means that they have no jobs and no jobs means no money for fuel or food.  While Kanan tries to look for work, Zeb relaxes with a friendly game of Sabacc. It’s impossible to talk about this episode without talking… Read more →


Craig Drake’s Star Wars Celebration Rebels Variant Poster

Star Wars Celebration artist Craig Drake has released a Star Wars Rebels variant poster for the April convention. In a great article by Dan Brooks, Drake reveals some of his early concepts for the convention’s official poster, attendee badges and discusses his artistic process. SOURCE: StarWars.com Read more →

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Season 1 Episode 8: Path of the Jedi Podcast Review

In this episode of Rebels Report, Pete, Andy, and Kale have a lengthy discussion on the exciting episode of Star Wars Rebels, “Path of the Jedi.” Some topics include What is going on between Ezra and Sabine, The relationship between Ezra and Kanan and how it has been maturing, The significance of the Jedi Temple of Lothal and Force Nexus’… Read more →


Paul’s Rebels Review: Path of the Jedi

“Path of the Jedi” Directed by: Dave Filoni Written by: Charles Murray Rebels is back after the midseason finale two parter of Empire Day and Gathering Forces.  When we last saw our heroes Ezra had managed to save Kanan from the Inquisitor by tapping into the dark side of the Force.  Now, Kanan is worried about Ezra’s future as a Jedi and… Read more →


Rebels Reflections #7: Path of the Jedi: The end of the path

Episode Micro-Review: Episode Number: Season 1, Episode 8 (Production #111) Episode Title: Path of the Jedi Writer: Charles Murray Directors: Dave Filoni In light of the events of the previous episode and Ezra’s touch of the Dark side, Kanan deems it time to test Ezra and they seek a Jedi Outpost Temple which turns out to be on Lothal (convenient) and… Read more →


Rebels Preview: Yoda’s Guidance from Path of the Jedi

Star Wars Rebels returns to Disney XD Monday night January 5th. The episode will feature a vocal appearance of Yoda voiced by Frank Oz. Don’t miss this must watch episode of Star Wars Rebels. The episode is available now on the Watch Disney XD app for authorized users. SOURCE: Youtube Read more →


What do you get a Rebel for Christmas?

As we rapidly approach the Christmas holiday in the galaxy not so far away, it got me wondering what would be the best gifts for our Star Wars Rebels cast of characters. 1. For Chopper Brand New Oil Bath Jacuzzi. After the events of “Empire Day” and “Gathering Forces” Chopper would be thanking the Maker for a good oil bath.… Read more →


Frank Oz as Yoda in Star Wars Rebels Reactions

In this episode, we discuss how Yoda in Star Wars Rebels could work. Frank Oz has been announced to return as the voice of Yoda in Episode 8 “Path of the Jedi” as a disembodied voice and Pete and Andy share their thoughts on the return of Yoda in Star Wars Rebels. This is the trial run for Holonet News where… Read more →