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  1. Hi! I am the responsible for the official Star Wars fan club in Portugal and I wonder if is it possible to Mr Dave Filoni grant us an interview.Could be by e-mail?
    Best regards:
    Paulo Oliveira/SWCP

    1. Hi Paolo,

      You would have to contact Lucasfilm about that. We are not affiliated with Lucasfilm and are a site run by fans for fans.

  2. Hello, My name is Leon I am a huge fan of Star Wars and the Star Wars Cartoon, I see myself spending a lot of time here.

    My two favourite characters are The Emperor and Darth Vader, what kind of presence will they have in “Star Wars: Rebels”?

  3. Hello Rebels Report,

    I love your podcasts! I am a huge Star Wars and Rebels fan. My main interest lately has been about Fulcrum’s identity as well as figuring out what happened to Ezra’s parents. I dive into those two topic in a couple of YouTube theorycrafting videos, but I wanted to see what insight you all have on these topics. Do you think there is something more that I’ve missed.

    Who is Fulcrum?-
    Where are Ezra’s Parents-

    Thanks and may the force be with you!

    Joel Robinson

  4. Is there going to be a second season of “Star Wars Rebels”? I have read two reports stating that the show is ending after Season 1 and another stating that there will be a second season. Is there anyway to find out which is true? Please let me know. Thank you.

  5. i can wait to watch this saturday season premiere of star wars rebels this third season will have lot of action and suspence this epic star wars series is leading straight to rogue one a star wars story and star wars episode 8 if the title is reveal after the movie this year so im ready for two star wars movies after season 3 there will be season 4 and a new star wars animated series take place after rebels and the clone wars please bring ahsoka tano back and have the debut of kylo ren on star wars rebels and rey and finn plus poe and captain phasma i love star wars nothing can stand my way the rebels will finish if they started it may the force be with you if season 4 will be the final season then they will reveal a title for star wars episode 9 i love star wars thank you

  6. I am still hoping that they will make at least six to seven seasons of Star Wars Rebels or the original characters go on into another Star Wars animated series.

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