Paul's Rebels Review: Path of the Jedi

“Path of the Jedi” Directed by: Dave Filoni Written by: Charles Murray Rebels is back after the midseason finale two parter of Empire Day and Gathering Forces.  When we last saw our heroes Ezra had managed to save Kanan from the Inquisitor by tapping into the dark side of the Force.  Now, Kanan is worried about Ezra’s […]

Paul's Rebels Review: Breaking Ranks

“Breaking Ranks” Directed by: Steven Lee Written by: Greg Weisman Ezra has been put into the Stormtrooper training academy on Lothal on his first undercover mission.  They need him to break into the Imperial headquarters and steal a decoder so that Kanan and Hera can track down an Imperial ship transporting a kyber crystal.  Sounds simple enough, […]

ToysRUs Exclusive Chopper Clip

The folks at ToysRUs have released an exclusive clip detailing the grumpy astromech droid Chopper. Chopper is the resident droid of the Ghost. Assisting the crew in everything from ship maintenance to combat. After many years of repairs and patch jobs, Chopper has a beat-up look that matches his sometimes cranky personality. Aesthetics aside, he’s an essential part of […]