Where Is The Publishing Support For Solo: A Star Wars Story?

An interesting discussion came up in the latest episode of The Star Wars Post Livecast in regards to the lack of publishing support for the forthcoming Han Solo stand-alone movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story.

We have no announced novel, kids book or comics set to tie-in with the film which will release in a little over 4 months on May 25th, 2018. Let me repeat, these are the books our comics we have announced that will tie-in to Solo: A Star Wars Story:

Del Rey Books Announced: 0

Disney/Lucasfilm Press Books Announced: 0

Marvel ComicsAnnounced: 0

IDW Star Wars Comics Announced: 0

For Del Rey we have only two books announced for 2018, The Last Jedi novelization by Jason Fry on sale 3/6/18 and Thrawn: Alliances by Timothy Zahn on sale 7/27/18 (originally 6/26/18).  This follows a big 2017 from Del Rey where they released seven books Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (January 2017), Aftermath: Empire’s End (February 2017), Thrawn (April 2017), Battlefront II: Inferno Squad (July 2017), Phasma (September 2017), From a Certain Point of View (October 2017), and Canto Bight (December 2017).

For Disney/Lucasfilm Press the 2018 books announced we have so far are Forces of Destiny: The Leia Chronicles (January 2018), Are You Scared, Darth Vader? (July 2018), Forces of Destiny: Daring Adventures: The Rey Chronicles (March 2018), Star Wars: The Last Jedi: A Junior Novel (March 2018), and Adventures in Wild Space: The Rescue (April 2018).

For Marvel we are looking at the four ongoing series continuing, they are Star Wars, Star Wars: Poe Dameron, Star Wars: Doctor Aphra, Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith. We also have announced a one-shot called, Star Wars: The Last Jedi–DJ: Most Wanted (January 2018), and a mini-series titled, Star Wars: Thrawn (February 2018).

For IDW we are set to see Star Wars Adventures continue in 2018 and there is a Star Wars Adventures: Forces of Destiny mini-series (January 2018). In May there is Free Comic Book Day Star Wars Adventures story set before A New Hope and starring 4-Lom and Zuckuss and a graphic novel adaptation of The Last Jedi. In September we will get a graphic novel adaptation of A New Hope.

So the question is, where is Lucasfilm’s publishing support for Solo: A Star Wars Story?

Source: Wookieepedia


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