Paul’s Rebels Review – Heroes of Mandalore

The final season of Star Wars Rebels has begun.  When we last saw our heroes they had just narrowly escaped Admiral Thrawn’s devastating attack on Chopper Base.  We meet most of the crew of the Ghost on Mandalore helping Sabine free her father from the Empire.  In classic Star Wars fashion, they drop us into the story already in motion.  This helps because this two-parter is very action heavy and barely slows down for anything.

The first half of the episode was shown at Celebration in April of this year.  6 months is a very long time to wait for a resolution.  The first episode ends on such a heavy, emotional moment, as we were lead to believe that in saving her father, Sabine lost her mother and brother.  Turns out they survived but not without injury.

We have been waiting a long time to get more information about Sabine.  The final episodes of season 3 did provide some and this episode helps to fill in more of the gaps, even potentially why she left the Empire in the first place.  While I do really enjoy her character and the backstory they give us, her reasons for creating this weapon left me lacking.  Although I will admit it does line up with where she was in the show’s early episodes.  I was hoping for a better reason then “I was bored.”  I do like that her character accepts responsibility for creating it and doesn’t try to push off the blame saying that she was forced or that she did it under duress.  Accepting responsibility and blame says a lot for her growth over the show.

The other major part of the episodes is the re-introduction of Bo Katan.  We learn that she was once the ruler of Mandalore, put in her place by the Jedi at the end of the Clone Wars, but she would not bow to the Empire.  Bo’s character really grew in the final episodes of The Clone Wars so I’m happy to see her return with the promise of bigger things to come.  She shows us the burden of leadership and works as a moral compass for Sabine and the Mandalorians.  She was given leadership before, here she has earned it.

This was a great way to open the season.  While I would’ve liked a bit more about what has happened with our characters since Chopper Base, we get enough teases to keep us coming back for more.  We get a great story that gives us more about our hero Sabine, while also giving us the action and adventure that we tune in for each week.  Big action, character growth, heartbreaking drama.  This episode had everything we have come to look for in Star Wars Rebels.


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