Star Wars Book Review: BB-8 on the Run by Drew Daywalt and Matt Myers

Return to the sands of Jakku with BB-8 in BB-8 on the Run from Disney Book Group.  Written by Drew Daywalt and illustrated by Matt Myers, this is the perfect bed time book containing a story that is uplifting story featuring a positive lesson that is reinforced multiple times. Along with this positive story Myers presents compelling visuals in gorgeous full color and full-page layouts.

The story focuses on BB-8’s adventure from the time he leaves Poe Dameron on Jakku until he meets Rey. The antagonist is Teedo and through the book he meets F3-ZK who goes by Fez a gentle giant loading droid, a family of Aleenas, and an injured happabore.

Throughout the various scenes within the book serve to teach the lesson that Poe gives to BB-8 via hologram, “You do good things, and good things will come back to you.” This is a terrific lesson to pass on to children and the book is nuanced enough to show that doing good doesn’t simply lead to immediate positive outcomes, but if you do good enough times, things should work out for you.

This is a nice chance to get inside BB-8’s head and see a little more of the droid’s personality, there is an inherent goodness to BB-8.

As an adult reader, I really enjoyed the imagery and was tickled by Fez and his similarities to the Princess Bride character Fezzik.

It isn’t often that a kids book is something that I would revisit, but the sheer heart and beauty that this book possesses means it is one I will pick up from time to time when I need a smile.

BB-8 on the Run is on sale now with a MSRP of $17.99. The book is 40 pages long and is suggested for ages 6-8. It is available in hardcover and ebook formats.


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