Review: Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide

Released on 12/16/16 Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide is the latest guide-book from DK books and Lucasfilm Story Group executive and veteran Star Wars author Pablo Hidalgo. The Visual Guide series brings into the forefront aspects of the film, set, props, and costume design that flies by so quickly on-screen you may have only a brief glimpse of.

The Force Awakens Visual Guide felt light on content, likely because they were forced to withhold a good deal of content as to not reveal much of what might come in Episode VIII.

The things I really enjoy in these bits are the little background details and back stories that are revealed and the chance to get up close looks at props, particularly the weapons.

These books can also be extremely helpful to costumers to get a better look at the costumes and materials from the film.

I wish we would have seen more close-ups of more of the props involved in the film because the ones we did get in the book are really cool. I also wish we would have received two to four images of each character’s main costume, front, back, and possibly side shots so that we can get a full look instead of just the front of the costume. Something similar tot he 360 degree turnarounds we got on the Star Wars Blu-ray box set.

We even get a chance to see elements of the film that were cut out like Saw’s medical droid and treatment equipment. Which is a pretty nice touch.

At 200 pages of full color and high gloss pages, Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide is well worth the current sale price on Amazon of $18.00.

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