Month: January 2017

Paul’s Rebels Review – Trials of the Darksaber

“Trials of the Darksaber” A “bottle episode” is a classic science fiction trope, nearly every science fiction show has used it from Doctor Who to Star Trek.  The story takes place using only existing sets and locations.  Generally, these give us episodes that dig deeper into the characters and rely less on the fantastical battles and…

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Paul’s Rebels Review: Warhead

“Warhead” It’s a quiet time for Chopper Base.  Most of Phoenix Squadron has left to engage in practice exercises, in what can only be the lead up to the assault on Lothal.  Hera has left Zeb in charge with AP-5, Chopper, and a small skeleton crew.  Zeb is looking forward to some easy times and…

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Paul’s Rebels Review: Ghosts of Geonosis

“Ghosts of Geonosis” Geonosis can never stay quiet for very long.  Much like any other bug, you can never completely get rid of them.  They keep finding ways of coming back.  After the Ghost found an Imperial construction presence on the planet last season, the Alliance sent Saw Gerrera and his team to investigate.  Now,…

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