Star Wars Rebels Returns in January: Next Four Episode Titles

Star Wars Rebels is on its winter break and will not be airing any new episodes until next year. Returning in January we have titles for the next four episodes:

10 “Ghosts of Geonosis, Pt. 1” January 7, 2017
11 “Ghosts of Geonosis, Pt. 2” January 7, 2017 
12 “Warhead”  January 14, 2017  
13 “Trials of the Darksaber” January 21, 2017

Ghosts of Geonosis, Part 1 & 2 also have episode descriptions available now:

Part 1: “The crew returns to Geonosis in search of a missing rebel team sent to investigate suspicious activity there, and are surprised by what they find.”

Part 2: “After finding a missing rebel team member, the Ghost crew discovers another surprise on Geonosis, and work to conceal it from Imperial forces.”

The recent release of Pablo Hidalgo’s Rogue One Visual Guide indicates that Saw Gerrera was injured by Imperial pesticide on Geonosis and we have a promotional poster featuring him appearing in Rebels this season, so it seems pretty clear he will be the Rebel team member they find.



“Warhead” is an intriguing title but it could mean anything.

“Trials of the Darksaber” will clearly be a Sabine focused episode given that she gained the Darksaber in the mid-season finale. Is Sabine on a path to become Mandalore?

SOURCE: Zap2it


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