Paul’s Rebels Review: Visions and Voices

“Visions and Voices”

Ezra is seeing visions of Darth Maul on Chopper Base.  It seems that Ezra’s time with Maul and the holocrons left a lingering connection between the two of them.  Maul has found the rebel base and has a plan for finishing what they started before.

I have loved Darth Maul’s return in both Clone Wars and Rebels.  They have done so much for this character to flesh him out and take him from a one-note character in The Phantom Menace to a fully realized Sith Lord.  What they have set up for Maul in this current season has me even more excited, because I can’t wait to see where they take the character in the show.

The episode opens with a briefing about the upcoming attack on Lothal that was brought up in last week’s episode.  It’s only a few seconds in the beginning but it does feel like the show is starting to lay out an endgame for the second half of the season and hopefully all the threads they have been laying out for us will soon come together.  The mission was to be Ezra’s but he is knocked unconscious by whatever is causing him to have visions of Maul.

If I have one complaint against the episode it is this connection between Maul and Ezra.  It would’ve been nice to have hints of it in earlier episodes instead of just dropping it on us here.  We don’t need to have seen Maul in the previous episodes but just a hint that there is something wrong with Ezra and culminating here.  It seems to me that this would provide a better arc from the first episodes to now.

Kanan and Ezra go visit Bendu to discuss the visions.  I loved seeing Bendu again, even if it was very brief, and I do think he has the best line in the episode “Don’t turn around then.”  I wonder if we will see Bendu again or not, or if they will find a way to connect him to Luke’s journeys.  Maul not seeing Bendu, does raise some larger questions about Bendu and his existence.  Anytime we get into the Bendu, we get far more questions than answers, which deepen the mysteries of the Force.

The rest of the episode plays out on Dathomir as Maul uses the Nightsister’s magic to complete their vision.  I’ve really enjoyed the fact that Maul and Ezra were looking for two different things when looking into the Force, but they were essentially shown the same thing.  Either way, they both know now that Obi-wan lives, but only Maul seems to know where.  As a huge Obi-wan Kenobi fan, I’m very excited to see where they take this storyline.

The episode ends with Ezra seemingly sacrificing himself to save Kanan and Sabine.  His character has gone through a lot of growth and changes, but I don’t think any other moment this season shows how much he has grown than his offering himself to the Nightsister spirits.  He had no way to know his plan would work and it could’ve killed him, but he did it without hesitation to save them all.

A lot of pieces are put into place for the second half of the season.  Not only do we have the build up for Obi-wan and Maul, but we see a potential for Sabine taking a larger role in the Rebellion and for Mandalore.  She picks up the dark saber with some reluctance.  It’s her Excalibur moment, showing she knows exactly what it is and recognizes it’s importance.  We also have the mention of the attack on Lothal to come, which may lead the fleet into it’s first true battle against Grand Admiral Thrawn.  All of these are game changers for the crew of the Ghost and the future of the Rebellion.


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