Paul’s Rebels Review: The Wynkahthu Job

“The Wynkahthu Job”

The crew of the Ghost is once again teaming up with everyone’s favorite pirate, Hondo Ohnaka.  But, Hondo has brought along his new partner, Azmorigan.  The two of them come to the Ghost offering an easy score of weapons and cargo from an Imperial freighter that is slowly crashing into a planet.  It’s almost too good to be true, sadly, when Hondo is involved things usually are.

The story is fairly simple here, there isn’t much of a deeper meaning or symbolism at play, and that shouldn’t be viewed as a bad thing.  This episode is a fun heist story, as the crew has to simply get in, grab the goods and get out before the ship sinks further into the atmosphere and is lost forever.  This season has been fairly heavy, and it’s nice to get an episode that is just a fun adventure.

the_wynkahthu_job_thumbIn typical Hondo fashion, he has some of the episode’s best dialogue.  His awkwardness when he says “blind” or “see” in front of Kanan was one of my favorite moments.  Rogue One‘s Gary Whitta wrote this episode and he provided Jim Cummings with fantastic material to work with.

Azmorigan, on the other hand, is used for some very big, very broad comedic relief.  It’s hard to believe that this is a character our heroes were afraid of at one point.  Although, he doesn’t have his goons with him here and that does make him a lot less threatening.  Maybe his stature has fallen recently.  Azmorigan is mostly a whiny coward throughout the story, arguing with Hondo about splitting their loot.  His one moment of heroism is undone when it makes the whole situation so much worse.

This episode is light on action, mostly in the final few minutes as our heroes encounter an automated sentry droid.  The sentry droids have a great look and I hope we see them again.  They looked similar to the Dark Troopers from the classic Dark Forces video game.  The droids only get the briefest of scenes before the episode rushes to the finale.

I have noticed a trend this season with the majority of the episodes so far having a high concept premise.  That is a premise that can easily be summed up in a single pitch.  “The crew must salvage cargo from a crashing freighter” or “They must fight a battle to prove the droids could’ve won the Clone Wars.”  It’s possible that this may have been the construction of the show from the beginning but it has felt especially strong this current season with many episodes revolving around a single sentence idea, and only a loose continuity between episodes.  I’m sure that this season is building to something that we fans can not even imagine and it will tie together all of these loose threads, but right now it just feels like we have a lot of loose threads that don’t connect to anything.

“The Wynkahthu Job” is a lot of fun to watch, and sometimes that’s all you need is just something that is a lot of fun.


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