Star Wars Rebels Preview: Mandalorian Showdown-Imperial Supercommandos

Gar Saxon makes his animated review in the next episode of Star Wars Rebel’s entitled “Imperial Supercommandos.” Saxon voiced by Ray Stevenson joins former ROME co-star Kevin McKidd voicing a Mandalorian warrior.


Saxon was a character created for The Clone Wars animated series but with the cancelation of the series the episodes he featured heavily in were never produced and instead were turned into the Dark Horse Comics mini-series, Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir.

It is interesting in the clip when Saxon confronts Sabine and talks about knowing her and her mother well. Which leads me to question if the other Mandalorian we saw with Maul and Saxon in that comic book series is in fact Sabine’s mom. That Mando was the awesome Rook Kast.


I have a feeling we will find out one way or another.


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