Dave Filoni Out And Justin Ridge In As Star Wars Rebels Supervising Director


News leaked out today via screener copies of the season three premiere of Star Wars Rebels of a change at Lucasfilm Animation. According to Bryan Young of Big Shiny Robot, the credits for the premiere episode of Star Wars Rebels season three, “Steps Into Shadows” reveals that the series has a new supervising director in the person of Justin Ridge.

This is a role that Filoni has served in since Rebels premiered and in the previous series The Clone Wars. A handpicked padawan of George Lucas, Filoni is a trusted guardian of the Star Wars legacy. According to Young, Filoni remains listed as Executive Producer as well as a member of the voice cast on the show.

At this point it is unclear whether Filoni is transitioning to work on a new series, a feature project, or may be moving into more of a creative executive role via something like the Story Group.

Disney CEO Bob Iger’s recent comments suggest that Disney is happy with what they are getting from Star Wars Rebels, so perhaps bigger things are planned for Filoni. Personally I would love to see Lucasfilm branch out into feature animation.


The good news for Star Wars fans is that Ridge is a Star Wars and animation veteran. According to his LinkedIn page Ridge has been Supervising Director on Star Wars Rebels since April 2015. Ridge was a storyboard artist on season one of The Clone Wars and on season two of Rebels. He also has directing experience on The Clone Wars directing the episodes: “Holocron Heist,” Innocents “of Ryloth,” “The Gungan General,” and “Rookies.” For Star Wars Rebels he directed the pre-season one shorts “Art Attack” and “Entanglement” starring Sabine and Zeb respectively as well as the penultimate episode of season one, “Rebel Resolve.”

SOURCE: Big Shiny Robot 


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