Rebel Buddies – Fan Art Friday (Featuring Art by @lorna_ka)

Tomorrow is the season two finale of Star Wars Rebels. The finale had it’s premiere in California last night and has been all the buzz on social media due to a few major things that are set to happen in the episode. For one, Ahsoka and Vader will finally meet and have their long awaited (and dreaded) duel. Also we’ll find out the fate of a few favorite faces, especially after the sad and curious ending that was the latest episode. But now we’re here, ready to brave the finale and see what the future holds for our beloved rebels. So to commemorate what is probably a tragic episode, I figured I’d show the rebels in their prime, together and loving each other. This piece is by Ksenia, whose work we’ve featured before. You can check out the rest of her art on Instagram or DeviantArt. And if you need a new Star Wars mug, phone case, or more, check out her Society6 to be blown away.


Are you prepared for the Star Wars Rebels season finale tomorrow?


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