Paul's Rebels Review: The Forgotten Droid

Directed by: Mel Zwyer
Written by: Matt Michnovetz

The Rebel fleet is still hurting for supplies and is in need of a new planet to make their home base.  They think they have found a safe place in the Yost system, but their carrier ship doesn’t have enough fuel to make the jump.  The Ghost is sent to capture more fuel for the fleet and the carrier.

forgotten-droid-63_38fb7b37I know what you are thinking here, another episode about stealing fuel, didn’t we just have one of these?  Yes, we did, but that is not what this episode is about at all.  The fuel plotline is just a minor part of the story.  The real focus of the story is on Chopper.  He is separated from the crew early on as he tries to buy a replacement strut that matches his other one.  This episode reminds me of the droid-centric episodes of The Clone Wars where Artoo and Threepio had their own adventures.

Aside from a few moments in the beginning and the end, nearly the entire episode is focused on Chopper.  He is left behind as the crew steals fuel for the carrier ship and he hides aboard an Imperial freighter after stealing his replacement strut.  He quickly befriends an Imperial droid, AP5, voiced by Stephen Stanton in a great Alan Rickman-esque style.  It reminded me a lot of Marvin from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Through this connection, we learn a lot about Chopper and where he came from.  Turns out Chopper was a Republic astromech who served as part of a Y-wing squadron during the Battle of Ryloth.  His ship was shot down and he literally crash landed on Hera’s front door step.  It was Hera who saved him and it seems they have been together since.  AP5 was also a Republic droid who served on a Jedi cruiser as a navigator, but after the Empire took over he was downgraded to merely an inventory controller.  This continues the trend of Rebels continuing story lines from The Clone Wars.

The two droids have a great relationship.  It’s more than just a variation on the classic Artoo-Threepio relationship, it’s a begrudging friendship.  Under any other circumstances, they would not be friends and AP5 would most likely have turned Chopper into the Empire, but like most things in Star Wars they happened to catch each other at just the right time and place to change everything.

By the end of the episode, you feel so much for the characters that I found myself almost moved to tears.  It’s not the most action heavy episode and it will probably be a polarizing episode among fans, but I really enjoyed the episode.  I appreciate the backstories of each character being fleshed out and the overall story of the Rebellion.  I know some people won’t enjoy the fact that it’s another fuel run, but the story is so much more than just that.  The fuel subplot is merely what puts the story in motion.

This episode is a classic example of limited storytelling.  The majority of the action takes place on board the Imperial freighter and one of the main characters speaks in a language we can’t understand.  It says a lot for the creative teams behind this show that the episode not only works at all but works so well.


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1 thought on “Paul's Rebels Review: The Forgotten Droid”

  1. This episode was GREAT!

    I totally agree with you that the emotional level reached by the ‘climax’ of the episode was quite high.

    I really felt the connection between Chop and AP5.

    Also, learning that the Republic used Strategy / Analyst droids against the Trade Federation’s droid army was so interesting.

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