Month: March 2016

Rebels Season 2 Finale Previews (VIDEO)

The 1-hour Star Wars Rebels Season 2 finale, “Twilight of the Apprentice” will air on Wednesday, March 30th at 9 pm.   Lucasfilm has released two scenes from the finale on Youtube:   “Take Cover”     “Old Master”     In addition to these they also released a video detailing the relationship of Anakin…

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Paul's Rebels Review: The Forgotten Droid

Directed by: Mel Zwyer Written by: Matt Michnovetz The Rebel fleet is still hurting for supplies and is in need of a new planet to make their home base.  They think they have found a safe place in the Yost system, but their carrier ship doesn’t have enough fuel to make the jump.  The Ghost is sent to…

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Paul's Rebels Review: Shroud of Darkness

Directed by: Saul Ruiz Written by: Henry Gilroy Phoenix Squadron is continuing their hunt for a new base.  They have begun to explore uninhabited planets and Kanan and Ezra have been sent to investigate one.  Unfortunately for them, they encountered two Inquisitors and had to fight their way off the planet.  The Inquisitors are showing up more…

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