Paul's Rebels Review: The Honorable Ones

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Directed by: Brad Rau
Written by: Kevin Hopps

It’s a classic sci-fi story.  Two enemies stranded in a hostile environment together, having to choose to continue their fighting or to work together to survive.  It’s a story that has been the basis of numerous books, movies, and television episodes.  This time, it is Zeb and Agent Kallus trapped together on a frozen Geonosian moon.

honorable-ones_53_4307c941The episode begins with the Ghost being sent to investigate an Imperial construction facility over Geonosis.  Two things are immediately apparent, whatever was being built was large and this is a trap.  The station is abandoned and the planet is now lifeless, but Agent Kallus is waiting for the Rebels with a contingent of Stormtroopers.  Zeb holds off Kallus while the rest of them escape.

The orbiting construction facilities are more repurposed McQuarrie designs.  I love seeing these designs being put to use in a story.  It’s a great way to honor the late artist and his influence, as well as finding a home for his beautiful and unique designs.  They don’t come right out and say it in the episode, but it’s pretty clear this was the construction area for at least one part of the Death Star.  The Rebels Recon video verifies that this is meant to be the same facility we saw at the end of Revenge of the Sith.

In this episode, we get several call backs to the Clone Wars, continuing the trend of the last few episodes.  I wonder how many of these Clone Wars call backs we would’ve gotten had the show not ended so abruptly?  I’m glad that the creators are using this show as a way to fill in the gaps, and so far the references haven’t felt forced or shoehorned in.  Here, we learn an early mission of Kallus’ was on Onderon to stop Saw Gererra’s rebel resistance.  During that mission, he was ambushed by a Lasat mercenary.  Still doesn’t fully explain what happened on Lasan, but we learn that Kallus never intended it to be a massacre.

On the moon, Zeb and Kallus have to work together to survive not only the cold but an attack by a bonzami, a large creature that wants to have them for lunch.  They quickly realize that only by working together can they get out of the cave and survive the creatures.

David Oyelowo gives a great performance transitioning Kallus’ usual bravado to a more vulnerable Kallus as he shows his fear and panics in the face of certain death.  The concept of the two enemies trapped together is a well used story format, but it is still effective in telling a compelling story.  We learn a lot about both characters as they struggle to survive.

The episode’s final moments do raise some interesting questions about Kallus’ future.  His return to the Empire is contrasted with Zeb’s return to the Ghost.  No one seems to pay any mind to whether Kallus had lived or died, and we are left wondering if he is now beginning to question the motives of the Empire and his role in it.


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  1. As always, Filoni and crew do a MASTERFUL job with visual language.

    The warmth of the rock that kept them alive on the moon is now in Kallus’ personal quarters.

    I see this as a visual metaphor for the warmth of the respectful bond between Kallus & Zeb being internalized by Kallus as he begins to realize how the Empire is colder than a Geonosian moon.

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