Paul's Rebels Review: The Call

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Directed by: Mel Zwyer
Written by: Bill Wolkoff

Phoenix Squadron is not in good shape.  Supplies and fuel are running low for the rebel fleet.  The Ghost has been sent out to find a source of fuel, but even there own reserves are running dangerously low.  They have begun searching an asteroid field for fuel when Ezra hears an ominous sound approaching.

the-call_59_3fdc11bbI need to address some of the issues with this episode before getting too far in.  I really enjoyed this episode, but a few points stuck with me.  This episode bends the already heavily bent rules for physics and action in space.  First, Ezra hears that the flock of purrgil (or maybe it’s a pod) are directly approaching the ship.  Obviously, no sound can travel in the vacuum of space.  Then later in the episode, we see characters only wearing in a helmet in what appears to be open space.  They do mention that the asteroid is large enough to have it’s own atmosphere, so I think that is what we may have to use as our conceit, or that Stormtrooper helmets provide support in space.

We have to be careful when talking about physics in Star Wars because there are so many things that break the laws of physics as we know them.  This episode stretches what we’ve seen before, but I don’t think it goes beyond anything we haven’t seen either.  They mostly stay within the already established rules for the Galaxy, Far, Far Away.  It’s easy to get caught up nitpicking these details.

The purrgil don’t seem to be aware of the ships in their path, or simply don’t care about them.  Hera wants to fire at them but told they don’t have the power.  Ezra encourages them to follow the purrgil.  Ezra drives much of the episode and shows a level of connection and compassion that I don’t think we’ve seen from him before.  It’s a sign of his growth as a Jedi and as a person.  He is less of the angry teenager that we saw a few episodes back.

The purrgil were headed for a Mining Guild refinery in the asteroid field.  The miners don’t take kindly to purrgil or rebels trying to take their fuel.  I really liked the Mining Guild modified TIE fighters, it’s a good twist on the classic fighter.  It’s not quite an Ugly from the EU, but I feel like it’s in the same spirit.  The missing front section and yellow paint job made me think of Pac-Man though.

The Ghost crew drops into the refinery to steal the fuel with an impressive skydive entrance into the refinery.  We get a good fight between the Rebels and the miners.  Obviously, the miners can’t protect from a Jedi and several trained warriors but they put up a decent fight.

Not only am I big Star Wars fan, but I’m also a big Star Trek fan and this episode had a very Trek feel to it.  That’s not to be taken in a bad way, it’s very much a good thing.  The episode was less about lightsabers and more about the connection between man and beast.  I really liked seeing Ezra taking a deeper look and realizing that there is more at work here.

This episode seems like one that could be divisive amongst fans.  I know not everyone will appreciate the smaller, more introspective type of story they are telling, but I enjoyed it quite a bit.  I like that the creators are not only giving us stories where we see the burgeoning Rebel fleet hurting for supplies and safe haven, but also that we have characters feeling the interconnectedness of life and the Force.



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  1. This was a great episode.

    Also, I don’t believe Ezra ‘heard’ the purrgil physically but instead sensed them through the Force.

    After watching this episode I had a vision of adult Ezra traveling the galaxy by riding purrgil through hyperspace.

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