Abandoning Ship: The Ghost Crew Is the Least Exciting Thing About Star Wars Rebels


Having covered the series since it was announced, long before its release it is interesting that in recent months my interest in the series has waned considerably. Reflecting on this there are a number of factors that play into this. With the Disney purchase finally bearing fruit we are seeing film, comic, and adult literature storytelling kick into high gear.

The Force Awakens moves our saga forward both in narrative terms and on the timeline. Introducing dynamic new characters and reintroducing old favorites. Excitement only continues to build towards the release of the next film, Rogue One.

We continue to see Marvel, Del Rey and Disney put out more and more printed material for various points across the timeline.

I have yet to miss an episode of Rebels and I got incredibly jazzed up for the recent trailer, but I find myself more and more ambivalent as to the main characters on the show. This isn’t a knock against the actors or the talented crew that works on the show, but when I watch most of the episodes this season the plot seems lacking and central characters seem to be spinning their wheels.

Some of the problem may be that the central character of Ezra Bridger had a strong character arc in season one yet in season two he is basically fully formed as a young Jedi in training. It appears based on the trailer that he will get a significant arc later involving Darth Maul. The big mystery surrounding Ezra from season one was handled very weakly as a second-hand story about his parents fate. This was a very underwhelming way of resolving that bit of story.

In a broader sense I think the same problem with Ezra is reflected in the rest of the crew. This season we have had a bunch of stand-alone episodes which give us bits and pieces of back story for some characters but jumping around we don’t get any significant character arcs for any of the main cast. The lack of character arcs could be mitigated by a very strong central story arc connecting the disparate episodes, but it is again lacking in this area.

Now admittedly this is a show on Disney XD and not one geared primarily to my demographic, but I am finding the show lacking in terms of where it is taking the characters this season.

The other issue that is plaguing the show in my view is that the introduction of The Clone Wars characters Ahsoka and Rex, reveals how much more brightly those characters shine than our current main cast.

At this point what I want out of Star Wars Rebels is the resolution of the Ahsoka and Vader relationship and a picture of the galaxy at large. Following the adventures of the Ghost crew feels like eating my veggies to get to the nerf steak.



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  1. I disagree! I find Star Wars Rebels to be extremely exciting! When Ezra finds out his parents’ fate, you can see the heartbreak in his face and Kanan comforting him. This episode and many others like it are geared to show what each character is going through in life. Many of the voice actors find that their character is more realistic showing their emotions and fears than if they did not.

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