Paul's Rebels Review: The Honorable Ones

Directed by: Brad Rau Written by: Kevin Hopps It’s a classic sci-fi story.  Two enemies stranded in a hostile environment together, having to choose to continue their fighting or to work together to survive.  It’s a story that has been the basis of numerous books, movies, and television episodes.  This time, it is Zeb and Agent Kallus […]

Paul's Rebels Review: Homecoming

Directed by: Bosco Ng Written by: Steven Melching Phoenix Squadron is taking heavy losses.  The Empire nearly caught the Ghost during a cargo transfer.  The episode opens mid-battle as the Ghost and the ships of Phoenix Squadron try to deliver cargo.  It’s a great homage to the classic opening shot of A New Hope, and it’s a […]

Paul's Rebels Review: The Call

Directed by: Mel Zwyer Written by: Bill Wolkoff Phoenix Squadron is not in good shape.  Supplies and fuel are running low for the rebel fleet.  The Ghost has been sent out to find a source of fuel, but even there own reserves are running dangerously low.  They have begun searching an asteroid field for fuel when Ezra […]