Paul's Rebels Review: The Future of the Force

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Directed by: Saul Ruiz
Written by: Bill Wolkoff

Ahsoka has been investigating Darth Vader and the Inquisitors, in doing so she has intercepted a communication containing two sets of coordinates.  She has tasked Kanan, Ezra and Zeb with investigating one set while she investigates the other.

reb_ia_11793_b1784cc9It doesn’t take long for them to discover that the Inquisitors are not only hunting down remaining Jedi, but are also searching for Force sensitive children.  What exactly they are going to do with the children is never explicitly stated.  However, we do know that they want the children alive and what they have planned for the children can’t be anything good.  It’s all very similar to an episode of The Clone Wars “Children of the Force” where Darth Sidious was capturing Force sensitive children, Ahsoka even mentions the similarity.  Personally, I think this is an operation that Sidious has been running ever since The Clone Wars.  It would explain where the Inquisitors come from.

The majority of the episode follows Kanan, Ezra, and Zeb in the Ithorian neighborhood on the planet Takobo.  They are hoping to beat the Inquisitors to the baby, and most of the episode is them on the run from the Inquisitors.  Plot wise it’s fairly simple, but the episode keeps the chase exciting as the stakes constantly increase.

The finale of the episode is a fight between Ahsoka and both Inquisitors.  We really get to see how much Ahsoka’s character has changed in the years since we last saw her in The Clone Wars through her fighting style.  She is much more focused, not focusing on flashy movies or acrobatics.  It’s similar to the change in fighting styles between the prequel films and the original trilogy.

One moment in Ahsoka’s battle with the Seventh Sister truly stood out.  Mid fight Ahsoka shuts down her lightsabers and goes into a meditative style pose much like Qui-Gon did when fighting Darth Maul, she then grabs the Inquisitors lightsaber and proceeds to shut down the blade.  Ahsoka clearly shows that she is in control throughout the entire fight.

During the episode, I noticed several moments where it seemed the characters were holding back.  It makes me wonder if it was a conscious choice by the characters or not.  At one point, Zeb and Kanan fight the two Inquisitors.  While Kanan engages the Seventh Sister, Zeb takes on the Fifth Brother, and the Fifth Brother deactivates his lightsaber.  Could this be dark side arrogance or is this something else?  On the opposite side, while Ahsoka is fighting the Inquisitors the Fifth Brother is incapacitated, but no move is taken to kill or remove him further from the fight.

This is a very enjoyable episode, but what really makes this episode stand out is the great dialogue, a lightsaber duel that we’ve been wanting to see it was teased back in April, and another great stolen moment from Chopper.  Who knew he would be so good with children?


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