Month: December 2015

Paul's Rebels Review: Legacy

Directed by: Mel Zwyer Written by: Henry Gilroy We’ve reached the halfway point of Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels.  This episode marks the mid-season finale as the show takes it’s winter break. The episode opens with Ezra having a vision in the Force of his parents.  He becomes obsessed with returning to Lothal to find them…

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Paul's Rebels Review: The Future of the Force

Directed by: Saul Ruiz Written by: Bill Wolkoff Ahsoka has been investigating Darth Vader and the Inquisitors, in doing so she has intercepted a communication containing two sets of coordinates.  She has tasked Kanan, Ezra and Zeb with investigating one set while she investigates the other. It doesn’t take long for them to discover that the Inquisitors…

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