Paul's Rebels Review: Stealth Strike

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Directed by: Brad Rau
Written by: Matt Michnovetz

Ezra has joined Commander Sato and his crew as they go to investigate a missing Rebel ship.  They soon discover that the Empire has a new weapon, a cruiser capable of pulling a ship out of hyperspace.  Of course long time Expanded Universe fans will recognize this as an Interdictor Cruiser.  This is just one of many things that made this episode extremely enjoyable.

Stealth_Strike_ep_guideCommander Sato was able to get a distress call out, so Kanan and Rex are sent to rescue them.  Kanan is, of course, reluctant to be with Rex near a bunch of Stormtroopers.  Even after all this time Kanan still doesn’t fully trust Rex.  Once again, Hera has to remind him that a Clone trooper was not the same thing as a Stormtrooper.

As a costumer and member of the 501st Legion, this episode gave me a lot to enjoy.  Seeing Kanan and Rex constantly complaining about the armor was just fantastic.  It was also great to see some new Imperial models.  We have Admiral Titus, who is sporting the black officer’s uniform and a lovely 70’s hairstyle, looking like he walked straight off the set of A New Hope.  Then, we have the Imperial Engineers who are wearing a modified version of the classic Death Star Gunner outfit, kooky helmet and all.

There is more to this episode than just Imperial fashions though.  Kanan and Rex’s relationship changes dramatically by the end.  This episode was a real turning point for them.  No longer does Kanan think Rex is going to shoot him in the back.

Ezra is really starting to come into his own with his Jedi training as well.  He not only frees himself but also helps lead the charge against a huge number of Stormtroopers to save the rest of the crew.  He doesn’t seem afraid and doesn’t question himself or his powers.  He is becoming a significant force for the Rebellion and the crew of the Ghost.

This may be the best episode of the season so far.  It succeeds on many levels with great action, funny moments that never feel forced, and some really good character building.  Also, I would be negligent to not mention Chopper giving us the Galaxy Far, Far Away version of an animated gif.  This was simply a fantastic episode.


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