Paul's Rebels Review: Blood Sisters

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Directed by: Bosco Ng
Written by: Kevin Hopps

The Rebels are still operating on the planet of Garel.  Hera is handing out various assignments to retrieve parts and intel from across the planet.  She has assigned Sabine with recovering and delivering a courier with sensitive information to a rendezvous with Senator Organa’s team.  Sounds easy enough.

Blood_Sisters_ep_guideAs Hera points out if the mission was easy she wouldn’t have assigned it to Sabine.  Ezra tags along, but he doesn’t do much here, this episode is all about Sabine and we finally get a brief glimpse into her past.

Ezra and Sabine talk about her being mostly a loner.  Well, it’s more accurate to say that Ezra talks and Sabine is there.  She doesn’t really reciprocate in the conversation and at one point he doesn’t even notice that she has stopped to look at something.  It’s fun to watch Ezra awkwardly try to engage Sabine in conversation and we do get a glimpse at what she’s like between missions.

The two of them are trying to pick up a courier, but they do not know what the courier looks like, only that he or she will respond to a code phrase.  The pair of them get more than a few strange looks as they try to talk to each person coming off the shuttle.  Turns out the courier is actually a gonk droid.

Before they can get the droid to safety, a bounty hunter from Sabine’s past shows up, Ketsu Onyo.  We get a tense stand off between Sabine and Ketsu, and the direction is like that of a high noon shoot out.  Turns out they didn’t part on the best of terms, but their reunion is interrupted by the Empire.  Sabine escapes with Chopper and the gonk droid, but Ezra falls along the way.

We get another stand off between the Sabine and Ketsu, but this time it’s in space on board their respective ships, and they are again interrupted by the Empire.  Ketsu’s ship reminded me of a Romulan Bird of Prey from the original Star Trek.  It’s a very retro sci-fi design.  Chopper gets a great moment as he is blown into space but manages to disable Ketsu’s ship.  He seems to have a bit too much fun ripping her weapons array apart.

Ultimately, the pair of them seem to reconnect enough to no longer want to kill each other, and some of the original bond between them returns.

Ketsu is an interesting character, almost a mirror version of Sabine.  This was one possible future for Sabine had she made different choices.  Ketsu even implies at one point that they both expressed interest in joining the Black Sun, but something changed for Sabine along the way.

This is a really good episode and I’m very happy to finally get some information about Sabine’s past.  We don’t get much, but we do start to see where some of her skills come from, and it’s not just the Imperial Academy.  While we don’t get the circumstances behind her split with Ketsu, it does show where some of her problems with authority and distrust may have come from.

I’m really enjoying the direction the show runners are taking with the character’s backgrounds.  The smaller reveals work better for me, they both answer questions we have, but then raise others to deepen the mysteries and further propel the characters.


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