Paul's Rebels Review: Brothers of the Broken Horn

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Directed by: Saul Ruiz
Written by: Bill Wolkoff

Ezra is bored and growing restless.  He spends his time alternating between soldier practice with Rex and Jedi practice with Kanan, each one of them stressing the importance of the practice.  It seems that both teachers want Ezra to succeed but at the same time they seem to be using him as a pawn in their ongoing conflict between each other.

broken-horn-episode-gallery_49_b718773bThe Ghost crew receives word that the planet of Rinn needs their help.  They have run out of power generators and will soon freeze.  Most of the crew heads off to see what can be found in the Garel underworld, leaving Ezra and Chopper behind to work the ship.  Shortly after everyone leaves a distress call is received.

Turns out this distress call is from Hondo Ohnaka, who hasn’t changed much since the end of the Clone Wars.  If it had been anyone else but Hondo, I’m not sure this episode would be nearly as enjoyable.  Hondo is his typical lovable self and nearly every line of dialogue is classic.  Hondo claims to have won the ship from Vizago in a game of sabacc.  Ezra is right to not trust Hondo, but the Empire forces them to work together or be blasted.

As luck would have it, Hondo is carrying generators and Ezra tries to make a deal for them.  However, Hondo is selling them to Azmorigan who has no love for Hondo or Ezra and quickly tries to double cross them.  The list of double crosses here can get pretty long.  Suffice it to say that every character double-crosses the others at least once.

It’s clear that the time on the Ghost has had an effect on Ezra.  He handles himself well throughout the episode, always aware that a double cross can happen and he doesn’t panic once Azmorigan tries to kill them both.  He even manages to keep his Jedi abilities a secret, mostly.  In the end, Hondo’s last attempt to double cross fails, as Chopper beat him to it.

I would’ve liked to have seen Hondo interacting with the crew of the Ghost a bit more.  I do wonder what Rex had to say about Hondo especially.  Hopefully, we will see Hondo again because he is too good of a character to leave out of the picture.

This was a fun episode that does a lot to affect the crew’s relationship with members of the underworld.  This could affect many of their dealings in trying to get supplies for the Rebellion in the future.  Some would argue that this was a bit of a filler episode since it wasn’t part of the larger fight against the Empire and the dark side, but it was an important step in Ezra’s development as he is now more committed to the crew of the Ghost and the Rebellion.


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