Paul's Rebels Review: Always Two There Are (Spoilers)

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Directed by: Brad Rau
Written by: Kevin Hopps

Hera has sent Sabine and Zeb on a seemingly routine mission to an abandoned Republic medical base to recover supplies and Ezra has tagged along because he needs to get away from Kanan and Rex’s bickering.  They will find more than just supplies waiting for them at the station.

always-two-there-are_138_b8958625The episode opens with Zeb and Rex playing holo-chess while Kanan tries to guide Ezra through more Jedi training by lifting Chopper.  In typical form, the rest of the crew doesn’t want to make the training easy for poor Ezra as Sabine has Chopper lock his legs in place.  It’s hard to tell if they are doing this to play a prank on Ezra, or if they are actually trying to teach him about things never going as planned.  Kanan spins it as the battles will never be fair, so he’s at least trying to make the best out of it.  It could be argued that even they have been affected by the Empire’s anti-Jedi propaganda, we still don’t know exactly when Kanan let everyone on the crew in on his big secret or their reactions.

Rex jumps in on the training, talking about being a soldier and his experiences in the Clone Wars.  It’s conspicuous that Rex doesn’t mention Anakin by name, instead saying “the Jedi I served with.”  We still don’t know exactly when Rex left Anakin, nor do we know what Rex knows about Anakin’s ultimate fate.  It could be too painful for him to say the name, instead he avoids saying his name and romanticizes the past.

The episode really gets going once Sabine, Ezra, Zeb and Chopper board the station.  The station is in a state of disrepair and the story plays more like a haunted house style story, except instead of ghosts in the shadows its Inquisitors.

We meet our two new Inquisitors at last, the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister, although those names are not used in the episode.  It’s immediately apparent that, in typical Dark Side fashion, they are not working together and are almost in competition with each other.  This helps the Rebels escape more than once.  You would think that this would cause the two of them to change tactics, but any kind of cooperation is probably a foreign concept beyond their understanding.

The Brother is especially arrogant and seems to show many of the traits that we have seen lead to Sith and Dark Side users ends in the past.  The Sister is a bit more cunning, but she seems to have a completely different agenda than her counterpart.  She captures Ezra and begins asking questions, she seems less concerned about the Rebel fleet than she does the whereabouts of remaining Jedi like Ahsoka.

Our heroes managed to get away by exploiting the Inquisitors weaknesses.  Mainly their inability to work together, their arrogance and their lack of experience.  I’m reminded of when we first saw the Grand Inquisitor fight Kanan for the first time, it’s clear that a true Jedi Knight or one of the surviving Masters (if there are any left at this point) would be able to easily defeat these Inquisitors.  But they are a real danger for our Rebel heroes here.

This is a really good episode that covers a lot of different emotional beats.  It starts out very light-hearted and fun and ends with a sense of impending danger and doom for our heroes.


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