Paul's Rebels Review: Relics of the Old Republic (Spoilers)

Directed by: Bosco Ng
Written by: Steven Melching

The Empire has tracked the Rebels to the planet Seelos.  However, the Phantom is damaged and the Rebels can’t escape.  They will have to depend on the clones Rex, Gregor, and Wolffe to cover their escape.

relics-of-the-old-republic_194_9cbf72b3This is the episode that we all wanted to see ever since it was announced that the clones were coming back.  There is no worm fishing here, this time it’s all about the action.

Since they stopped the probe droid in the previous episode, it doesn’t take the crew of the Ghost long to realize they need to be moving and that they are no longer safe here.  The episode doesn’t waste any time in getting into the action.  Before they can repair the Phantom, a Star Destroyer drops out of hyperspace and begins sending out fighters and then walkers.

The clones quickly realize they are outmatched by the Imperial walkers, and use a dust storm as cover.  Kanan is slowly beginning to trust the clones while Ezra takes another step in his training as a Jedi.  It’s a beautifully shot and animated sequence, the walkers appearing mostly in shadow and the only light is their search lights.  Kallus proves himself to be a very good commander as he attempts to predict where the clones are at.  The fact that Kallus is so competent throughout most of the battle does become a point of frustration towards the end however.

Seeing the AT-ATs towering over the AT-TE shows exactly the difference between the Imperial Army and the Grand Army of the Republic.  The AT-TE is a serviceable tank, but the AT-AT is a weapon of terror and intimidation.

The clones use unpredictable tactics and strategies to outwit the Imperials here.  It shows the influence of the Jedi and their unconventional approach, especially Jedi like Anakin Skywalker, still lingers on the clones.  Rex does make mention of serving under a great general and says that he tried not to fail him.  It does raise the question of exactly when did Rex leave the Republic army and what does he know about the fate of Anakin?  These episodes have raised more questions than they have answered about those final days of the Clone Wars and the rise of the Empire.

This episode has some terrific action and some true emotional weight.  The reunion at the end is especially touching.  My only real complaint is in the aftermath of the battle, we get a silly moment that undercuts some of Kallus’ competence and makes the Empire more of a joke than something to be actually feared.  That is the only negative in an otherwise very strong episode.


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