Ahsoka and Ezra: Leader and Padawan – Fan Art of the Day

Star Wars Rebels premieres in one week! *commence freakout* It seems like season 2 would never arrive, but it’s almost here, ready for us to become even more obsessed with this show. I’m just so happy to see more of Ahsoka and Rex! I can’t wait to witness their adventures firsthand. I’m also very excited to see the Seventh Sister aka Michelle Gellar. Her character looked like a total badass from the first trailer we saw at Celebration, so I can only imagine what she’ll be getting up to when we see more of her in action.

But enough ranting about Star Wars Rebels, I’m here to share some fan art with you guys. I love doing these dedicated posts to a certain piece because these artists truly deserve it. I mean, look at my pick for the week. It’s Ahsoka and Ezra looking stunning with a space background featuring the Starbird symbol. It’s gorgeous. This amazing piece was done by Melissa over at MeltyArtz on tumblr. I just love the layout and colors of this. I basically look like the heart eye emoji whenever I see this piece pop up on my tumblr. It’s just inspiring!

tumblr_nvtb4cVIeG1ttp13qo1_1280You can check out more of Melissa’s work on her tumblr here.

[Source: MeltyArtz]


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