Review: Star Wars Rebels Visual Guide: Epic Battles


On sale today (October 6, 2015) is Star Wars Rebels Visual Guide: Epic Battles from DK Books and author Adam Bray.

Epic Battles is a 144-page large format (8.8″ x 11.2″) hardcover book that offers a look back at pivotal moments in Star Wars Rebels season one and previews three early story arcs from season two. The new material includes images and information from the season premiere episode “The Siege of Lothal,” the fall premiere episodes “The Lost Commanders,” and “Relics of the Old Republic.” There is also images and information about the new Inquisitors who are likely to debut in the episode “Always Two There Are” and information and images from the yet unnamed episode featuring the debut of the Mon Calamari Quarrie and his prototype B-Wing.


Publisher’s Summary:

Star Wars Rebels™: Visual Guide: Epic Battles is a fact-filled companion to the first and second series of the newest Star Wars animated television series. Star Wars Rebels™ is set between the events of Episodes III and IV, and the Visual Guide depicts all the galactic escapades, interesting vehicles, and fun characters fans have come to love.

Sample page from Epic Battles

We here at Rebels Report are friends with the author, so admittedly I may be biased or at least predisposed to like Adam Bray’s books. In all honesty though, this is the type of book that you would have caught 11-year old me staying up way past bedtime under the covers with a flashlight pouring over again and again.

The visual layout of Epic Battles is dynamic yet not as cluttered as some other books of this type. The information balloons and boxes are mostly sentences and paragraphs instead of lists. This makes readability easier and more pleasing to the eye as well.

Bray takes the reader on a great journey back through some of the high points of season one and a preview of season two. Scattered throughout the book are some references to places, stories and concepts carried over from old Expanded Universe materials. As an older fan some of these things being included in Rebels even in reinterpreted forms shows a respect and appreciation for the legacy of Star Wars storytelling that the team working on the animated series should be applauded for.

The one downside of books like these is the prevalence of two page spreads. These spreads look terrific digitally but in print the binding often means you lose some of the middle of the image that is spread across the pages. This is most notable to me in this book is an image of Ezra with his kyber crystal on page 70-71.

For adults Epic Battles will be a quick and enjoyable read that gives a great refresher of season one in preparation for season two. For kids this is a book that will be eminently re-readable.

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