The Inquisitor Lives – Fan Art of the Day

Star Wars Rebels season two is so close to being in our lives. I know the excitement is beyond normal levels, but for todays fan art post, I wanted to throw it back to season one and feature our beloved, but never forgotten, bad guy, The Inquisitor. He was someone you either loved or hated. He had quite the fan base and sadly, spoiler alert, met his end, or so we think, towards the end of season one. But to keep his memory alive, artist MoonSnake12 over on DeviantArt, drew up the lovely Inquisitor. The detail is quite amazing and the picture really captures The Inquisitor’s menacing feel, sharp teeth and all. Take a look for yourself.

the_inquisitor_by_moonsnake12-d98y7d8You can see more of MoonSnake12’s art right here.

[Source: MoonSnake12]


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