Will Wedge Antilles Appear In Star Wars Rebels Season 2?


On sale from Del Rey today is the latest adult Star Wars novel, Star Wars: Aftermath by Chuck Wendig.

I was fortunate enough to recieve the book a little early so I would write a review which you can find beginning today at MakingStarWars.Net.

There is really one passage in the novel that has me wondering if we will see the suprise appearance of Wedge Antilles in the second season of Star Wars Rebels.

On page 52 of Aftermath, Wedge has just survived a rather rough landing and is reflecting on the pain in his leg from the crash.

“His leg isn’t broken, he doesn’t think. But it’s jammed up pretty good. Once upon a time, he crashed an A-wing at the lip of a volcano–one of his first runs out as a pilot for the then-burgeoning Rebel Alliance, at the urging of a friend–a rebel agent known only as Fulcrum. That crash left him limping for months, and there? His leg was broken. In three places, no less. Almost cut short any career he hoped to have as a pilot, but he convinced the rebels to let him work a freighter manning the guns and as occiasional navigator, so.”

Could this simply be a throw away reference to get a little Rebels in the book and give a little more backstory to Wedge? Sure it could. On the other hand we have seen a very strong desire of the crew of Star Wars Rebels to get Legacy characters (characters from the Original Trilogy) onto the show.

The fact that Wedge knew and was friendly with Fulcrum is a big fact as it appeares that Ahsoka was fairly selective in who she communicated with.

The fact that Wedge was flying an A-wing is also hugely important. We haven’t seen any X-Wings yet in Rebels but we have seen A-wings. This means they have the digital assett already built and can reuse it.

So we have a mention of a mission going wrong on a volcano, and involving two things we know will appear in Season Two, Ahoska and A-wings.

I am not a gambling man, but if I were. I would bet the entire sabacc pot on Wedge being in Star Wars Rebels.


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  1. i might will say yes wedge will appears on the novel star wars aftermath but i want wedge to appear on star wars rebels season 2 with the new x-wing starfighters squadron will appear then the return of the death star because on star wars the force awakens the death star is back once again i hope the rebels will destroy that space station for good because i love star wars im a fan may the force be with you oh in april catch star wars the force awakens on dvd/blu-ray

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