Star Wars Rebels Season 2: A Look Ahead: New Images And Info From Dave Filoni



Dave Filoni hosts a special Season 2 preview on the Star Wars Rebels Season One blu-ray set.

Included in the preview he reveals some information:

  • What does Ezra do with his new power and how does he react when Darth Vader and new Inquisitors come into the picture?
  • The Inquisitor in season one was the “Grand Inquisitor,” the Inquisitors in season two were ranked below him.
  • Sabine changes her hair and armor because meeting Vader was such a harrowing experience
  • Zeb has an “awakening” in season two and comes into a better understanding of what happened to his people and who his adversary really is.
  • A better back story on Hera, who her father is, what is the situation with her father, where she came from and her people.
  • A great new bounty hunter
  • There will be a Sabine/Kanan episode, which will feature some “more Mandalorian things” that will go on.
  • You will find out about Ezra and his parents
  • You will find out how Ahsoka and Rex effect the dynamics of the crew
  • You will find out, Does Ahsoka Tano know who Darth Vader is? Does Ahsoka ever confront Vader?
  • There is one character so exciting and so top secret he wouldn’t elaborate on besides saying it would have major ramifications on the future of our characters.

Below you will find a gallery of images from the trailer.




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