Ahsoka Tano: Leader of the Rebellion – Fan Art of the Day

I can’t complain about the lack of Star Wars Rebels news this week. Why? Because we have a release date! Star Wars Rebels season two will premiere this October. This news came to us via a brand new trailer that’s been running on Disney XD. I am just so excited to get more Rebels and to get it soon! So to celebrate, I thought I’d share this piece of brilliant Ahsoka Tano fan art!

I was browsing through my Twitter feed this morning when I came across one of the most beautiful drawings of Ahsoka Tano I’ve ever laid eyes on. It’s by Ksenia Z. on Twitter and features Ahsoka looking determined and powerful, all while the most amazing background pops out at you. So good.



Check out more of Ksenia Z.’s artwork on her official Society6 page right here.


[Source: Ksenia Z.]


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