Ahsoka and Ezra – Fan Art of the Day

We still don’t have any more news on season 2 of Star Wars Rebels. I know I need to keep patient, but it’s so hard when all you want is new adventures featuring the crew of the Ghost, when you want to see Ahsoka in action, and also when you want to see Captain Rex. So until then, I’m keeping my eyes peeled for new fan art everyday.

I stumbled upon this beauty while on tumblr and it is now a certified favorite of mine. Ahsoka + Ezra = all the feels. This piece is titled, “Will you tell me a story?” and is by the artist Lledra on tumblr at lledra’s Fanworks. Like I said, I’m obsessed with this drawing. It makes me think that we need a Rebels comic book series ASAP.

tumblr_nmtuq0ZH981rt6c3lo1_500You can check out more of Lledra’s work here.

[Source: lledra-fanstuff]


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