Star Wars: Rebels Season 2 Premiere title revealed!

The season two premiere of Star Wars: Rebels is fast approaching and according to the premiere episode title is “The Lost Commanders

Obviously we know what commanders they are speaking of and it is also featured on the website saying that Dee Bradley Baker lenses his voice to a few characters in this episode! 

The episode features the return of the clone troopers CT-7567 (Rex), CC-3636 (Wolffe), and CC-5576-39 (Gregor) from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. 

We are super excited to see the Commanders back on our TV so Star Wars: Rebels Season 2 can start soon enough!  SOURCE:


2 thoughts on “Star Wars: Rebels Season 2 Premiere title revealed!”

  1. i can wait to see the new episodes of season 2 of star wars rebels because soon they will have jedi knight luke and han plus leia and chewbecca for all the new episodes of star wars rebels my question can they do star wars episode 8 a new beginning on may 26 2017 may the force be with you yes i will join your team of star wars fan everywhere

  2. here is my question from season 1 of star wars rebels what happened to ezra parents were they kill or capture or they still alive by the empire i will find out on season 2 of the hit star wars rebels then more surprises like the return of jedi master luke skywalker and the rebel alliance with new planets new characters star wars rebels will be renewed for season 3 after season 2 may the force be with you i love star wars

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