Ahsoka Lives – Fan Art of the Day

I’m still counting down the days until the Star Wars Rebels premiere. I need more Ahsoka and Captain Rex in my life and this little wait in between isn’t helping. Like many know, Ahsoka Tano is one of my favorite characters in the Star Wars universe! She’s right up there with Luke Skywalker, which is a pretty big deal on my Star Wars Love spectrum.

I remember the day they announced Ahsoka would be back. I cried tears of joy and jumped up and down. It was such a memorable night. Afterwards my feed was blowing up nonstop with “SHE’S BACK! OMMMGGG!” tweets and Facebook posts. And then soon came the fan art. So to shine a light on that magnificent day, here’s a piece of Ahsoka fan art I found on tumblr by Charles Tan on DeviantArt titled, “Ahsoka Lives”.

tumblr_nsmwwz51Fz1ucdai7o1_1280You can check out more of Charles’ artwork on DeviantArt right here.

[Source: charlestanart]


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