Review: Star Wars Rebels: Battle To The End


Author Michael Kogge continues his series of Star Wars Rebels episode novelizations with the book, Battle to the End.

This novel is an adaptation of the final three episodes of Star Wars Rebels season one, “Call to Action,” “Rebel Resolve,” and “Fire Across the Galaxy.” The crew of the Ghost is back in the dramatic conclusion to season one as their mission to spread the fire of Rebellion goes wrong and quickly turns into a rescue mission.

The story is a pretty faithful adaptation of the episodes, some scenes are discarded some are embellished but in the end you get the same story as a viewer of the show would with what I feel like are small improvements to characterization and insight into the minds of characters like Kallus and even rank and file Stormtroopers.

Peppered throughout the pages are some gorgeous color illustrations.

Recommended age for readers is 6-8 years old, but it is still enjoyable for more advanced readers. For me it was a nice 1-2 hour reading experience that gave me a slightly different look at episodes I have seen many times now.

If you know kids who are fans of the series but reluctant readers this would be a fun gateway into Star Wars literature.

Battle to the End is on sale now and for more information visit Disney Publishing.


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