Rogue One Rumor: Felicity Jones To Play The Daughter Of An Original Trilogy Character? (SPOILERS)



On the latest episode of Popcorn Talk’s Meet the Movie Press vodcast, guest El Mayimbe shared some rumors he is hearing from various sources. Included in this episode is a rumor that he heard regarding Rogue One’s lead actor Felicity Jones.


At about 51:45 into the show, El Mayimbe (@ElMayimbe) says the following;

“This one comes from a very trusted source, that I trust very well. But the thing that has been hard is I have to be very…now that the Trevorrow news is out there and the Grantland article, I have to be careful. I was waiting for that shoe to drop before this one. So this is a rumor. I am not running this on my own site yet, so if you run this run it at your own risk and peril. If it doesn’t pan out don’t come at me with pitch forks.

The rumor is in Star Wars, the anthology film, Rogue One. Felicity Jones is reportedly playing the daughter of Boba Fett.”


This is a rumor that I find both highly interesting and highly improbable.

We know there has been lots of rumors surrounding Boba Fett, who is one of the most marketable Star Wars characters. In recent years Boba Fett was set to have his own The Clone Wars story arc that was never completed, he was set to be the central character of the cancelled Star Wars: 1313 video game, and there have been persistent rumors regarding him either appearing in a Han Solo anthology film or his own film.

Initial reaction to this rumor has been highly skeptical. This is perfectly understandable, given the difference in appearance between the actors who portrayed Jango and Boba Fett (a clone of Jango) and Felicity Jones. If the rumor is true then it seems more likely that Jones’ character could be an adopted daughter of Boba and not a biological daughter. I suppose the genetics could work depending on her mother for Boba to father a daughter that looked like Jones, but that is way out of my depth of knowledge.

It is interesting to note that if Rogue One takes place shortly before the events seen in A New Hope then we are talking around 18-19 years from the end of The Clone Wars and our last canonical look at Boba Fett before A New Hope. If Boba Fett was created in 32 BBY (Before Battle of Yavin) and the Clone Wars ended in 19 BBY then Boba would still be in his young teens at that time. For Jones’ character to be an adult she would have to have been conceived while Boba was far under the age of 18.

A far more likely scenario if true is that Boba could have adopted Jones’ character when he was a young adult and she was a young child.

One of the recurring themes in Star Wars is finding family. Adoption is prevalent in various forms in the films and across the Legends fiction. While just how Mandalorian Boba Fett may have considered himself is up for debate, one of the most beautiful expressions of family is found in the Mandalorian culture in the Legends stories written by Karen Traviss and others.

The idea of “Gai bal manda” the Mandaloria adoption ritual was very straight forward and matter of fact. The Mandalorian’s were a culture that absorbed individuals from different backgrounds as long as they were willing to live by the “Resol’nare,” or Six actions.

Adoption is a profound statement of love and respect for another individual and is one of the practices that most endeared me to the character of Kal Skirata in Legends. If the Story Group is going to make an effort to portray a complex adult Boba Fett in the canon going forward, maintaining him as a villain but creating a special relationship between him and adoptive daughter is one way to do that.

Of course this rumor raises lots of questions, including what would Boba’s daughter be doing with the Rebels?

On the whole I tend to think the source may be misconstruing some information in communicating this rumor to El Mayimbe. I think we would need to hear more before I buy into it in a substantial way, but it is certainly interesting to think about.


SOURCE: Youtube


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