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During San Diego Comic Con, Hasbro released a new figure each day. No one knew which figures would be released, all we knew is that they’d be proudly displayed in the Star Wars pavilion. Turns out it would two very nice, Star Wars Rebels, announcements! The first (or second, not sure which order they were revealed) was the finished version of Ahsoka Tano. They announced Ahsoka back at Celebration, but they only had the prototype on display. Come SDCC, she’s already finished and looks beautiful!

IMG_6658Next up was a figure I didn’t see coming, at least not this soon, and that was Kanan Jarrus. He looks very lifelike and very awesome. Definitely will be bought once on sale. Maybe multiples.

IMG_6657What do you think of these two reveals? Will you be picking them up?

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