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Our friend on Twitter Laurent (@link224) shared with us earlier today an image from Star Wars Rebels Magazine issue 7 which has a spread featuring characters from the second season of the series. While a full image of the magazine spread has not yet surfaced we do have a close up look at both Inquisitors for season two including the female Inquisitor with her mask off.

Inq1 Inq2

Laurent found the images on the Tumblr page of user chosenofmythal who also included a little bit of information from the article or captions surrounding the images.

Anyway, the droids which assist the woman are confirmed to be Parrot Droids, and despite their small size, they’re said to be ‘ruthless and very deadly.’
So, with the high quality scans provided, can anyone identify the race of either Inquisitor? Their races were stated as ‘Unknown’ in the magazine.



Theories are buzzing about the identity and species of these two new villains. The two most plausible theories I have seen regarding the female Inquisitor are either Barriss Offee or a Zygerian. The Barriss theory could work but there are some questions such as where are her Mirilian tattoos and why are her eyes black instead of white.

While the male Inquisitor’s species seems very hard to nail down, I am thinking it could be a version of an Arkanian but we may just have to wait to find out.


SOURCE: Twitter and Tumblr


3 thoughts on “Rebels Season 2 Female Inquisitor Unmasked”

  1. I honestly can not see how people are getting the idea that she’s a Zygerrian. She very obviously doesn’t have any fur.

  2. the rebel alliance are the good guys and girls they are heroes of the star wars universe if i want to join the rebellion and save asoka tano and a female inquisitor barriss from harm if season 2 add more new episodes i hope they will do another star wars rebels movie season finale plus as for i want the cast of awkward will like to join season 3 and season 4 of star wars rebels like ashley rickards and jillian rose reed and nikki deloach that they will the character of the tv series and hopefully ps3 and xbox 360 will do star wars rebels the video games if lucasarts make annoucements so star wars lives may the force be with you i want lucasarts to do two new star wars video games for 2016-2017

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