Filming Has Begun on Star Wars: Rogue One At PineWood Studios London


Our good friends at are reporting that filming has begun for Star Wars: Rogue One at Pinewood Studios in London. Per their report:

We have spoken to our friends and heard a few details. Felicity Jones has filmed her first scene already.

It shouldn’t be a huge reveal that loads of trees are being brought into the studio again. It shouldn’t really be a surprise that there’s a landing in the jungle being filmed either. It isn’t the most exiting news of all time on that front. Not all of the sequences of the landing are going to be filmed at Pinewood.

Details on the film are pretty closely held and Lucasfilm has released very little information because of an agreement with Paramount regarding Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. Since filming is commencing look for confirmations of cast once Rogue Nation is in theaters or shortly their after.

Check out the article on for further tidbits like the repurposing of ship sets and what Lucasfilm may be planning at Pinewood for fans.

We should expect plenty of unconfirmed news to come from leaks in the coming weeks.



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