Ahsoka and Rex Reunited – Fan Art of the Day

First off, what did you all think of the season 2 premiere of Star Wars Rebels?! Let me know in the comments, so we can discuss because feelings were felt and I know some of you guys probably have some wicked theories about that ending.

But now that I have that out of that way, I will say that there was one thing missing from the Star Wars Rebels premiere… Captain Rex. I’m actually glad we weren’t reintroduced to them that quick, but I seriously cannot wait till we are! This led me on a mission to find some amazing Ahsoka and/or Captain Rex art and, thankfully, tumblr never lets me down. lledra’s Fanworks on tumblr created this beautiful illustration of Ahoska and Captain Rex, in what looks like them being reunited for the first time in a long time. (I can dream.) The emotions on both of their faces is something I’m hoping we see onscreen once they are reunited in future episodes. I need the rest of season two ASAP.

tumblr_nq993uZTAU1rt6c3lo1_1280You can view more of lledra’s Fanworks art on tumblr here.

[Source: lledra’s Fanworks]


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