Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Speculation: What is Safe Haven? (SPOILERS)

“Copy that Commander, we will meet you at Safe Haven.” ~Hera to Commander Sato

In the season two premiere of Star Wars Rebels we see Darth Vader dismantle Phoenix Squadron. The few surviving members of that rebel force flee under the leadership of Commander Sato.

The way that Hera delivers the line, “Copy that Commander, we will meet you at Safe Haven,” makes it pretty evident that “Safe Haven” is a code name for a rebel hideout of some sort. Is Safe Haven the main rebel base of operations or is it one of many hiding sports? Is it a planet, moon, swatch of unpopulated space or something else entirely?

Below you will find my speculation including my best guess based on clues from the show about what exactly this rebel rallying point is.

It is important to keep in mind that the two most prominent rebel figures may inform where the Phoenix Squadron could base their “Safe Haven.” Imperial Senator and leader of Alderaan, Bail Organa could have valuable information about the Empire’s strongest and weakest points of dominion across the galaxy. While former Jedi Ahsoka Tano traveled all across the galaxy during the Clone Wars and would have knowledge and connections in many places.

Where it is not: Alderaan and Tatooine

Alderaan is to famous and well visisted a world to be the base of operations for the rebellion. Bail needs to maintain the appearance of loyalty to the Empire even if he pubicly opposes certain decisions by the Emperor. It would be too dangerous for him and his adopted daughter if he allowed the rebels to operate off or or in the space around Alderaan.

Tatooine in many ways being a planet that isn’t under Imperial control would make a great place for rebels to hide among gangsters and scoundrels. The presence of Obi-Wan and Luke on the planet however makes it far to risky a place to potentially draw Imperial attention to.

A Planetary Base:

There are any number of worlds across the galaxy at which the rebels could create a safe haven.



The sacred Jedi planet is not the most hospitable of places. One would assume that Palpatine knows about it having two former Jedi as his apprentice, but you never know just how closely the Jedi guarded it’s location or if Palpatine may have had the base delta zeroed early in his rule and then wrote it off.

Not super likely, but this planet or a planet like it would be one that Ahsoka is certainly familiar with.



Given that there are already Rebels there it makes sense that  they could harbor other rebels. Though the earlier protocols to keep the cells separate may still be in force for some groups.



A planet protected by Ahsoka during The Clone Wars from the vile Separatist Lok Durd, Maridun is the kind of Outer Rim planet that the rebels may find friends to help them hide.

I tend to think that given the small size of Phoenix Squadron a planetary (or moon) base is not necessary at this point.

A Semi-Mobile Base:

Given the size of the rebel operations at this point, the organization is small enough that a mobile base could make some sense. A few potential options:


The Crucible:

The ancient Jedi vessel and home of the droid Huyang was used by Yoda and Ahsoka to transport Younglings to Ilum to find their kyber crystals. This ship crashed on Florrum during the Younglings attempted escape from pirate Hondo Ohnaka. It is possible that the ship was salvaged and repaired or that another similar ship existed.

The Crucible could serve as the center of a Battlestar Galactica style nomad fleet for the Rebels to traverse the galaxy. A ship they do not send in battle but can keep on the move to stay a step ahead of the Empire.



An Asteroid Base:

A classic location across the Expanded Universe, pirates, smugglers, etc have all used bases built into asteroids as locations to operate from. Easy to camouflage this sort of base could be just the right size for a group of rebels with few large ships.


Haven-Class Republic Medical Station:

This is my personal favorite. The fact that they call their rally point “Safe Haven” may be telling as this class of space station shares the same name. In the season two premiere “Siege of Lothal” we see a ship that may also be a clue. The flag-ship of Phoenix Squadron was Home Base, a pelta-class frigate. This is the same model of vessel used by the Republic as a medical frigate and designed to dock with the Haven-Class Republic Medical Stations.


In Legends there were 20 of these stations one to support each Republic sector army. In canon on The Clone Wars series we saw three of these stations, the Felucia Medical Station, the Kaliida Shoals Medical Center and the Ord Cestus Medical Station. The Felucia station was destroyed but it is possible the other stations and potentially others survived the war. Would the Empire have abandoned these stations? How are stations transported to their locations? These are questions we don’t have answers to in canon.

Home Base before its destruction by Vader.

For the Rebels these stations would be ideal. They allow multiple ships to dock, have plenty of medical resources and complete barracks/living areas. It would also be an ideal spot to remove the tech-organic Order 66 chips from clones, but that is speculation for another day.

Ord Cestus Medical Station

But if I were placing bets on where Commander Sato is retreating to it would be one of these.

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2 thoughts on “Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Speculation: What is Safe Haven? (SPOILERS)”

  1. What about Dantooine? In Ep IV, the Empire finds abandoned structures there, so I guess there has been a rebel base on Dantooine a few years before Ep IV.

  2. My money’d be on Dantooine. We know the Rebels had a base there and we know it was deserted some time before ANH. Thus this would tie up a minor loose end.

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