Paul's Rebels Review: Siege of Lothal (Spoilers)

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Siege of Lothal

Directed by: Bosco Ng & Brad Rau
Written by: Henry Gilroy

Siege of Lothal is the hour long start to Rebels season 2.  This was the episode shown to attendees of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.  The episode has now officially premiered for all to see on Disney XD.

This is slightly difficult for me since I’ve already reviewed the episode after I saw it episode at Celebration.  I will try not to repeat myself too much.

The_Siege_of_Lothal_Vader_KananIt’s hard to talk about this episode without mentioning how much Darth Vader changes the stakes.  The addition of Darth Vader changes everything about the show.  His shadow looms over everything.  From the Rebel’s point of view he is an unstoppable and terrifying force.  Vader is quite literally a one man army who simply rips through the ill equipped and ill prepared Rebel fleet.  This is really the first time we have seen Vader take on such an action oriented role.

Watching Darth Vader tear through the rebel fleet in his lone TIE fighter is just incredible.  It’s easy to forget that Vader has all of Anakin’s skill but any limits or restraints are removed through the dark side.

Darth Vader facing down Kanan and Ezra just further shows how little training Kanan has.  Vader could’ve easily killed both of them, but he would rather show them how powerful he is.  He uses their fear as a weapon to demoralize and crush them.  The Rebels barely escape with their lives intact.

As fantastic a villain as Vader is, it appears that he will not be sticking around.  The episode ends with the Emperor ordering another Inquisitor in.  Because Vader is so powerful it can be difficult to still have our heroes win.  While the crew of the Ghost survives their encounters with the Dark Lord of the Sith, it’s clear that they only survive through luck and Imperial incompetence.  Vader simply has them outmatched at every turn.

Ever since the end of the Clone Wars, we have wondered what happened to Ahsoka and whether she knows what happened to Anakin and the truth about Darth Vader.  This episode answers some of those questions as we see her connection through the force with her former master.  Seeing the character’s realization gives us a jaw dropper of a finale and leaves us anticipating the face off between Ahsoka and Vader.


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