Space Parents – Fan Art of the Day

In my search for all things Rebels, fan art wise, I seem to always be drawn to illustrations of Hera and Kanan. Everyone sees them as “#spacemarried”, which I obviously do too, so it’s refreshing to see people picturing them in a new light. Hera and Kanan’s relationship isn’t super obvious on Star Wars Rebels, which I’m hoping changes in season 2, so it’s up to the artists to tide us over. And I must say. they all do an amazing job.

Today’s fan art is brought to you by artist Melissa Thomas! She posted the following image on her tumblr with the caption, “Also, Space Parents”. Prepare for all the feels.

tumblr_npeatjXA3m1ttp13qo1_500View more of Melissa’s art on her website here.


[Source: meltyartz]


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