Possible Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Concept Art: Takobo City

TakoboMattes_3000 (1)

Star Wars artist Chris Voy who has worked on both Star War: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels has a rather interesting piece of artwork on his website portfolio.

Along with a pair of shots of Capital City on Lothal, Voy has a piece entitled, “Rebels Takobo City Designs” which features three renditions of a circular city on what appears to be a reflective and possibly frozen surface.

Takobo City is a name that doesn’t as far as I can tell exist in Star Wars canon. It is not clear if this was an abandoned design not used for Star Wars Rebels season one or if this might be our first look at a new location in season two.

TakoboMattes_3000a TakoboMattes_3000b TakoboMattes_3000c

Thanks to Spectre Sam for the tip.

SOURCE: ChristopherVoy.com


2 thoughts on “Possible Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Concept Art: Takobo City”

  1. Good catch! This is 100% the planet the clones are on. Also, you guys should check out the concept art in the Past, Present, and Future panel recap on starwars.com. It’s got all the stuff they were showing on the screen at the panel and the production numbers give away the order! The stuff with the clones will be the first two episodes in the fall, then the third episode will introduce the new inquisitors, then the fourth one will have the Hondo stuff. I can only assume the B-Wing sequence happens inside one of these first 4 episodes. It makes a ton of sense since the trailers from Season One covered the two episodes that comprised the movie and the first 4 regular episodes. Same this year!

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