Star Wars Rebels Season Two Details: The Facts We Know So Far



Everything we know so far about Star Wars Rebels Season Two:

  • It will feature 22 episodes
  • Premiere episode “The Seige of Lothal” (counts as two episodes) will air in the “Summer,” no exact date announced.
  • Season Two will begin in earnest in the “Fall.”
  • James Earl Jones is voicing Darth Vader.
  • Sarah Michelle Geller is joining the cast in a “recurring role.”
  • Jim Cummings is returning as Hondo Ohnaka in at least one episode.
  • Dee Bradley Baker is returning as Captain Rex, Commander Wolffe, and Captain Gregor in at least one episode.
  • It appears that the Rex, Wolffe and Gregor episode is production number 203. Which would mean it could be the first regular episode of season two.
  • Darth Vader, Ahsoka and Emperor Palpatine will appear.
  • We will see multiple Original Trilogy vehicles introduced including A-Wings, B-Wings and AT-ATs.
  • We will be visiting planets other than Lothal.
  • Sabine will get new armor and a new hair color.
  • We will see at least two new Inquisitors ( a male and a female)
  • Azmorigan (voiced by James Hong) will return in season two.
  • Lando (voiced by Billy Dee Williams) will return in season two.
  • A Mon Calamari named Quarrie will be introduced.
  • Jek Porkins will not appear in season two.
  • Zeb’s backstory and Sabine’s Mandalorian past will be explored.

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  1. I am Sooooooooooooooo excited! I can not wait for season 2 to come out. I’ve seen a few clips of the episodes, not sure wich ones, but they look great! I do have one question, is Sabine’s costume in most Halloween stores?

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