First Look At The Black Series Ahsoka Tano Figure

Star Wars Celebration has sadly wrapped up for the year. And if you’re not able to attend Star Wars Celebration London next year, then it might be a little bit longer till we can all get together again and rejoice all thing Star Wars. But with that being said, posts will be forthcoming from here on out since we actually have time write them up.

During Celebration, Hasbro announced that Ahsoka Tano, of Star Wars Rebels, would be getting her own action figure in the Black Series line! How amazing does that sound?! Not only did they announce it, but they brought a beautiful prototype to show everyone what to expect. The only downside to this? It won’t be released till 2016. Yes, I know we all want it now, but lets be grateful that we’ll be getting another female action figure to the line up. Let’s just hope we can find it in stores.



SAMSUNG CSCWill any of you be trying to collect this new Ahsoka?



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