Review: Star Wars Rebels – Target Exclusive Toy Set

Collecting Star Wars toys, much less Star Wars Rebels toys, will always be one of the best part of being a Star Wars fan. Since its debut, Star Wars Rebels hasn’t had a ton of toys. We’ve seen a few here and there, mostly costume pieces, but as far as action figures go, store are only now finally getting them in-stock. Ezra, along with a few characters from the films, was finally released to more stores about two weeks ago. Hardest ones to find? Kanan, Chopper, Hera, and Sabine. Hera and Sabine seem to be the top priority for collectors, and thankfully, they’ve slowly been popping up here and there around America. But if those smaller action figures aren’t your thing, Target has got you covered. Target released an exclusive 6 character set last year, just in time for Christmas. It had a $50 price tag, which wasn’t the worst sell, given that each figure by itself rings up for about $13.

This set definitely became popular amongst friends, but it did induce some controversy. There are six spots, perfect for the 5 members of the Ghost, excluding Chopper, and the Inquisitor. Why couldn’t they fit in Zeb, Hera, and Sabine? This is what initially drew me away from the set, but looking into it a bit more, 2 of the 6 figures are an exclusive. One being a Shadow Stormtrooper, one of my favorites! Also, it’s now marked down to $20, so why not splurge a little? Take a closer look at the 6-pack below.


Going down the line from left to right, Darth Vader is the first to appear. He’s appeared by himself before, and now after watching the Rebels finale, I can see why he’d be included. You can never go wrong with a Darth Vader action figure, let alone a big one!

Next is a Clone Trooper! I have a weak spot for Clone Troopers, so this was definitely a major point in my buying of this set. He’s already designed well, so my plans of making my own custom Clone Trooper are no more. Take a look for yourself.

SAMSUNG CSCUp next is definitely my favorite figure out of the bunch. It’s the Shadow Stormtrooper. I was originally going to spray paint this one, but decided it looked too nice to damage it. I mean, look at the guy. I feel like this set was worth it just for him. Plus, loads of details!

SAMSUNG CSCNext three are the Rebels trio! The set includes Kanan, Ezra, and the Inquistor. (Lightsabers included!) All three are available separately, but Kanan and the Inquisitor aren’t the easiest to spot around. Yes, Kanan and Ezra have some problems going on in the face area, but they’re still really nice figures and are perfect for your ever-growing Star Wars Rebels collection.



Uh, Ezra… your pupil is sliding off.



SAMSUNG CSCAt first, I didn’t really want to care for this set, but after looking at it closer and its perks, I must say, I’m happy I got. And with a $20 price tag, it can’t be beat. This Target exclusive set is perfect for your fellow Rebels fan!


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