Rebels Report LIVE!: Star Wars Celebration Podcast Stage Panel Guests


As anticipation for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim builds to a fevered pitch, we thought it would be the perfect time to announce two guests that we will have joining us on the Podcast Stage for Rebels Report Live at Celebration Anaheim on Thursday April 16th from 1-2pm in room 208AB.

Joining Andy and myself will be the awesome Johnamarie Macias and the fantastic Adam Bray.

You may know Johna from her website, or from her role as a contributor for Making Star Wars, Fangirl Next Door, and The Star Wars Report. She is also a co-host on Now, This Is Podcasting! & Rebels Chat. More than that impressive resume though is the ultimate upbeat fangirl spirit that she embodies. We love chatting with Johna and are so happy she will be joining us in Anaheim.

Who better to join us on stage than the man who literally wrote the book on Star Wars Rebels, Adam Bray. Adam has written Star Wars: What Makes A Monster, Star Wars Rebels: The Visual Guide and is a co-author on two forthcoming DK Star Wars Books, Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know and Ultimate Star Wars.

I met Adam at San Diego Comic-Con and he is a great guy on top of being an awesome Star Wars fan and author.

We hope you will join our crew of rebels on April 16 in room 208AB from 1-2pm.




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